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Can Great Web Design Help My Business?

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The Internet is one of the most competitive marketplaces that has ever exited. Businesses now have so many choices that just be made in order to leverage the enormous reach of the Internet that it is small wonder that many senior managers simply stick with traditional media in order to reach their potential target audiences.

Many are also seduced by the power of the social media. As consumers and business owners we are continually force fed information on the 'power of the social media'.

The social media can be extremely powerful, if it is used correctly. And that's a big if. There's no point in spending a fortune on consultants who say that you simply have to have a business presence on one of the larger social networks if they are not completely immersed in your business strategy.



Even if they do become familiar with your strategy and your products and even if they know your target audience inside and out if they are not telling you that you need a well designed website then they are simply not providing you with the entire picture.

A well designed website that invites the sire visitor to enjoy the experience of visiting and makes that visit as frustration free as possible and most importantly conveys information that is valuable is the key to Internet marketing success.

Even before the visitor arrives at your business site they are going to have to find it. By far the majority of people looking for services and products will make use of a search engine in order to find what they are looking for. 

If your site does not feature on the first page of the search engine rankings your chances of enticing that potential customer to your site decrease dramatically. Good site design, with well thought out content (including behind the scenes content like meta tags) can increase your search engine ranking. Better find a good designer, content provider or SEO expert, or preferably the rare consultant who is all three. This will ensure that your site isn't lost in the Internet noise.

Good website design involves a number of different factors. Firstly the site must have a landing page that offers a stress free navigation experience. This means that the visitor must be able to access the information that he or she needs immediately on visiting the page. 

Ask a visitor to search for information and there is a very good chance that they are going to 'bounce', that is enter the page, and leave within a very short period of time. A visitor who bounces is not likely to return, they simply have too many other choices. The Internet is a very big place

Your best chance of attracting a visitor to your site and maximizing the chances of a sale are to get your hands on a consultant who will understand what your business is all about and then help you design a site that is head and shoulders above the competition. Always remember that it is not the site with the most bells and whistles, but rather the site that provides a seamless user experience and valuable information that will rise above the pack.

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