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Social Media Marketing Ideas For Facebook

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How do you market on Facebook? When you do social media marketing on Facebook I suggest you focus on each of three words separately. Let me explain what I mean. You need to look at your social engagement as one part of your plan. You need to choose what type of media you will use. You need to create a plan for your marketing that details your exact goals and desired outcome. Let us dive in and look at those elements for creating an effective Facebook campaign.

I always like to start the last word. What is my reason for this marketing campaign? I need to decide whether I am trying to make direct sales, get opt-ins for my email list, or just trying to expand followers on Facebook. Knowing the outcome helps me decide what type of content I need to create. It helps determine how I talk to people, also. In my business, I focus on increasing opt-ins for my email list or followers on Facebook. You need to determine the outcome you want, too. 

Knowing your outcome helps you choose what call to action you use. Do you want people to hit the LIKE button on your Facebook Page? Do you want people to click a link to visit your squeeze page and opt-in to your email list? You can try to do both of those, but I highly recommend you focus on a single outcome for every new social media marketing campaign. Focusing on getting your readers to take a single action increases your odds of success. Make sure you choose your outcome before you move onto choosing your type of media.

What types of media can you use on Facebook? You have written posts, images, video, and audio. Each type of media has impact, but you need to remember your desired outcome before choosing your media. I focus on using images and video when I want to increase my number of followers on Facebook. I know video and photos are shared more frequently and have a higher chance of going viral. In my business, using motivational images and videos grabs the attention of the market I want to attract. When I share this type of media frequently, people click the Like button and add me as a friend so they can continue to see more of my content. 

When I am focused on getting more opt-ins to my email list I change my social media marketing strategy slightly. I switch to using video tutorials and talking on camera. This allows me to give a higher impact call to action. With each video post, I include a text description with a strong call to action and a link to my opt-in page. 

Once I know the outcome I want and the media I plan to use, the last step is easy. It is time to be social. I start posting content frequently on Facebook, sharing it in Facebook Groups, and then extending my reach by sharing the content on other social media sites likes Google+, YouTube, MySpace, and LinkedIn. The social part of your plan is simply socializing and sharing with your audience everywhere you find them. 

Make sure you know your outcome. Choose the media that provides your best chance of success. Then get busy and start sharing your content with as large of audience as you can. That is the key to social media marketing success.

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