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Computer Repair Technician/Teacher

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If you're good with computers and troubleshooting, this home business may just be for you. To run a successful computer repair business you'll need some tools and skills for working on computers. 


You'll need to be aware of the latest versions of software and how they work.

Often a computer repair technician is simply fine tuning a program that someone can't get up and running. Being familiar with many types of software will help you to be available for a wide variety of issues.


Knowing the various aspects of computer hardware will help you to work on a wide variety of computers from desk tops to lap tops. Tablets aren't generally worked on other than software issues.


In order to set your pricing you'll need to call around and ask pricing for other companies. You'll want to have a few different scenarios available to ask about so that you can price your services accordingly. Many computer repair technicians charge a flat rate of $25 to $50 per hour while others charge according to what the job entails. Decide how you'll be charging and get it down on paper so that you won't forget it.

Business Cards

Make your own business cards to save money or go online and get some made for you. Either way you need to get the word out and advertise your new business.

Social Networking

Incorporate social networking into your business so that you can take advantage of some free advertising opportunities. Add a fan page, sing about it, whatever it takes to get the word out. You can do this, it just takes some time and effort.


If you live near a local college or high school, you could make some extra cash helping students in computer sciences that need a bit of extra help. Find out what other local tutors are charging and charge your fees accordingly. 


If you are comfortable teaching people how to operate a computer you may be comfortable teaching computer classes at a local library, local retirement home, youth center etc. You could charge as little as $5 per half hour class if you have enough students. This makes it more exciting for students and if you can handle as many as 10 students you have an easy $100 in half an hour. Do this twice per week and you'll have $200 extra. If you're up to it you could do it even more often.

Individual Classes

If you have students that want more time in class you could offer individual classes at a slightly higher fee. Specialized classes could also be a great way to go for specific lessons such as teaching a word program or spreadsheet program. 

Working as a computer repair technician or a teacher has many great ways that you can be earning extra cash on the side or as a home business. You can make it as big or keep it as small as you desire. You'll set your own hours and fees.

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