Free Software: An In-Depth Look

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Free Software: An In-Depth Look

Downloading free software is now common on the web and there are lots of free utilities that make it easier. A lot of sites are also dedicated to offering free content. In fact, free software is sometimes offered by commercial software companies for a number of reasons. This however does not mean that being free is necessarily a good deal. Not everything free is good. There are literally thousands if not millions of developers who offer FREE TRIAL software. What could be wrong with free trial software, you may ask?

There is a lot that could go wrong with downloading free software that is labeled FREE TRIAL.

For one, it could come disguised as free but in reality it is Trojan Horse or spyware or worse a virus. This is a common a problem and most people are wise enough to avoid downloading just about anything that comes with the FREE label. However, this is not the only problem with free software. Downloading free software, even from a reliable site can cause an existing software that you have installed to stop working or worse, result in a system crash. This is a problem I have personally encountered quite a number of times. Software generally contains bugs that developers may not have had the time or resources to debug. As a result, some of these free software programs will also leave traces of the programs after an uninstallation which can cause a lot of headaches long after that. I have encountered software that will not even uninstall at all unless I manually delete its registry keys and other files, which can be a risky move if you do not know your way around system files and Windows configurations.

So what can you do before downloading free software to ensure that you lessen the chances of encountering these problems? One is by considering the developer. Do they have website? And if so, check their portfolio. Consider also if you really need the software, what others are saying about it and if you would actually consider buying the full version. OF course, there are many legitimate free software resources out there. All other things being equal, the fact that free software results in zero purchase with total ownership is what really matters. By using common sense and a little research, you can avoid the heartaches associated with downloading free software.