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Are You Serious About Your Work At Home Business?

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Are you treating your business like a Fortune 500 Company or like a Yard Sale? Take this quiz to find out.

How would you describe your Office?
a.) Corporate or b.) Chaos

Which word describes you personal appearance while you're working?
a.) Success or b.) Mess

And, how would you describe your attitude towards your business?
a.) Winner or b.) Winging-it

If you chose only  a' answers, then congratulations! You're thinking like a Fortune 500 company!

If you chose even one  b' answer, then keep reading  

We oftentimes think “What does it matter what my desk looks like? And, who cares what I look like in front of my computer at home. Nobody can see me.  

Well, it does matter. It matters, because you matter and because your business matters. And, if you treat your business like something of value and take care of it, it'll take care of you. And why shouldn't you? Your business is just as important as any Fortune 500 Company. It's yours and it's special.

Here are some steps to take today.

1. No more working in chaos.
Make your office a “no toy zone . Your office is your turf. Protect it. If you have little office helpers, then establish one area that can have toys, perhaps a basket or drawer – and don't let it spread.

2. No more working in jammies.
You wouldn't show up to work at IBM or Microsoft in your fuzzy bunny slippers, would you? You don't need to wear a suit, but simply feeling more professional will lead to more professional results.

3. No more amateur phone message
Review the outgoing message on your answering machine. Does it sound like the office of a professional or like chaos central? Rerecord it to make a good first impression upon clients when they call.

4. No more  winging it'.
Begin each day with a list of six jobs that you want to accomplish. If you make the list achievable with small goals, you'll feel much better about at the end of the day.

Are you ready to treat your business like a valuable Fortune 500 company? I hope you'll take your first step today towards success.


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Are You Serious About Your Work At Home Business?

Are you treating your business like a Fortune 500 Company or like a Yard Sale? Take this quiz to find out.

How would you describe your Office?
a.) Corporate or b.) Chaos

Which word describes you personal appearance while you're working?
a.) Success or b.) Mess

And, how would you describe your attitude towards your business?
a.) Winner or b.) Winging-it

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