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Understanding How Blogs Work

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When blogs were first invented over a decade ago, they were used mostly as an online diary, where an individual could lay out their most inner feelings. Over time, blogging became an ideal platform for news and commentary.

In the last part of its evolution many businesses are choosing to use the blogging world as one more social networking site to promote their business because it is cost-effective, and can quickly reach a huge audience.

A blog is a place online where an individual or company can create a new post and have it appear instantly to the world. Blogging sites require writing, imagery, or video content that is posted to the page. The blogging design allows for the latest post to appear directly above the previous post on the page. As a result, the targeted audience that’s viewing the blogging site has the ability to see the most recent post and scroll down to see any of the previous entries.

The Content Management System

There is a basic interface that is used by the blogger to easily post their new content to the blogging site. They simply login to the blogging site’s content management system. This interface provides the opportunity for the writer to create new content, and then posted to the site. The content management system also allows the writer to edit the old or previous work that’s been posted to the site already.

Additionally, the blogger can use the content management system as a way to manage all of the comments that are left on the site, and change any theme, button or icon. Many of the tools provided for the blogger through blogging sites, such as Blogger and WordPress have their own content management system that may look different, but functions primarily the same.

The Blogging Design

Part of the process of setting up a blogging site is to develop exactly how it will appear to the viewer. This can happen in a variety of ways, including manually, automatically, or by design, inside the content management system. The site displays the way it does through specific coding languages. Typically it is a blend of CSS, PHP and HTML. However, most major blogging sites offer pre-set themes, where the blogger simply clicks on the style and design they like, and the site is automatically transformed to its new beautiful design.

In addition to choosing the theme, the blogger can also choose exactly how they want the site to display. It may have a large center column, with two smaller columns on each side. It may have no columns at all, or a large section with a small column on one side. In addition, the design will include a place that contains reader comments, blog archives, and advertisements, if the blogger chooses.

It is up to the blogger is to exactly what type of content will be displayed on the site. They can create their own content, or find other content to bring in. The more often content is updated to the site, the more interested the readers will be. With a small learning curve involved, anyone can become a blogger.


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