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Themes And How They Affect The Nature Of Your Blog

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One of the most popular features of the cyber-space world is that of the blog, especially the personal blog. Unlike a journal, the blog now provides individuals with a platform to express their opinions, thoughts and random musings to everyone in the blogosphere.

It allows one to use words, pictures, videos and even musical snippets to ensure that all who happen to peruse your blog gain a true sense of who you are and the message you are trying to deliver.

However, as with everything, it is not only the external which must be considered but also the internal. In this instance, it is not only the posts which must be noted when making your statements, but the themes as well for the background of your blog plays a large role in dictating your personality.

While this is of little importance when maintaining a personal blog, it is vitally important when you are using that blog for more professional reasons. It is increasingly popular for aspiring professionals to present their 'wares' on an independent blog for future employers to peruse.

This is a good idea, and has seen positive results for some, however the success of your blog depends on the structure and presentation. It is unlikely that a blog bearing a My Chemical Romance background will achieve an internship with the KBMG Auditing Firm. 

When deciding on the style of your independent skills blog, it is important to consider its function. What skills are you looking to promote and what are you hoping to achieve? If you are an aspiring journalist, try and locate a theme which fits the journalism stereotype.

If you are an aspiring photographer, find a theme fitting the photographic stereotype. While preconceived ideas are not always a concept to stand by, sometimes they are worth looking at. Truthfully, creating a personalised background may help you stand out from the crowd and gain more attention.

If you are not well-versed in website design, do not fear. The majority of blogging platforms present with a multitude of free themes, all of which are placed in specific categories for your browsing needs.

Furthermore, the blogging platforms also allow for customisation of these themes which allows for some personalisation. However, you must remember that these themes are generic and there will be another blog identical to yours in design - so make your content interesting!

Sometimes an individual would like to push those conventional boundaries and attempt to use a theme outside of their occupationally associated category. Given that this is your blog, you are very welcome to do so! However, you must ensure that this theme is a true reflection of you and you will be able to manipulate it to impress any potential employers.

An example is a journalist using a Chinese painting-styled background. Although they may be targeting newspapers, the style of writing and their personality may warrant the use of this calming theme.

In conclusion, using a blog to attract any potential employment can be a successful venture. However, it is important to create an appropriate blog so as to enhance your skills and not detract from your abilities.


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