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Blogging For Fun: How To Find Readers

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You can blog all you want, but if you have no readers to read your content, then you are already failing. It is not an easy task to gain traffic to your blog, but there are several tried and true methods that can pique the interest of your readers. How do you find readers for your blog?


Your blog should have at least five "pillar" articles at the bare minimum. Pillar articles are generally articles written in a tutorial style and are more than 500 words in which they offer practical advice and tips. A good how-to article with a clear and concise lesson could be considered a pillar article. These types of articles are not dependent on time and still stay relevant a long time after the initial post.

Start your blog's success by demonstrating that you are dedicated to updating your blog daily. You need to let visitors know that your blog is updated on a schedule and they can expect high quality and fresh content on a daily basis. Not every article has to be a pillar article, but for the start of your blog, keep up the good content.

You should have a quality and memorable domain name if you're serious about blogging. Your URL should be easy to spread through word-of-mouth between friends offline. Don't worry about having the right keywords, focus on getting a simple to remember .com name.

The easiest way to find other readers is to start commenting on other popular blogs in your niche. Do this once you have established your daily updates and your pillar articles. In most cases, when you comment on other people's blogs, you are able to leave your name and link in the comments section. If you leave many comments, make sure you have something valuable to add to the conversation and you aren't just commenting for the sake of linking.

Keep your readers loyal by interacting with them. Encourage your readers to leave their comments on your blog and let them know that their opinions do matter. Once visitors see others commenting on your blog, they will automatically assume that you have quality content worth reading. Encourage commenting by posing a question to your readers.

If you have written a pillar article you're proud of, submit it to a blog carnival. This enables you to share your content on a blog which collects similar articles in your niche. Many blogs link to carnival hosts and this can help you enjoy some newly found readership.

Your great pillar articles can also be submitted to Ezine Articles to raise awareness of your blog. This doesn't mean immediate fame, but the more articles you submit and the more useful they are, the higher your chances of getting new readers. Through Ezine Articles, other blog owners are able to republish your pillar article on their own websites or their newsletters.

Blogging really isn't fun or worthwhile unless you have readers enjoying your content. Don't set yourself up for failure, but start on the journey to finding more readers. Use the simple yet effective tips you've just learned to ensure your success in the blogosphere.


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Single Cup Coffee Makers
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